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Welcome To Pocket Deepsky 2!

Now free when you order our Deepsky CD or DVD.


Pocket Deepsky 2 is based on the popular observing software suite, Deepsky Astronomy Software. It runs under the Pocket PC 2000, 2002, or Windows Mobile 2003 1st or 2nd edition operating system.

Pocket Deepsky 2 can be used by itself or in conjunction with Deepsky Astronomy Software. Using it with Deepsky Astronomy Software will enable you to download observing plans created in Deepsky along with images from the Deepsky CD or DVD.

Use Pocket Deepsky as your portable computerized observing assistant. Pocket Deepsky will guide you on a quest to see the brightest objects (galaxies, star clusters, nebula, and more) in the night sky. Our unique What's Up Wizard feature will display the brightest objects currently visible at your location. And with a database of over 10,000 deepsky objects from the SAC 7.1 database at your disposal, you will be sure to find something of interest.
What’s Up Wizard observing plan function creates an observing plan on the fly while you are observing that shows the objects visible.

Download observing plans and images from Deepsky Astronomy Software.

Slide Show Mode feature lets you examine objects and read notes and view images from your Deepsky observing plan. Notes from other observer's are included.

Telescope GOTO control – Supports LX200, Meade Autostar, Nexstar 5/8, and Celestron Ultima 2000

Identify Objects – displays a spreadsheet of objects from the database that are within a specified number of degrees from the current telescope position.

EZ Log – Log objects you observe quickly and easily. Sync's with your Deepsky logbook when you get back inside.

Nightvision mode - turns your Pocket PC a dark red color to help preserve your night vision.

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